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Everyone knows that keeping your mind active can contribute to meeting your health and wellness goals. But while you may be continuing to stay physically and cognitively fit through exercises and stimulating your brain, no one ever said that getting there couldn’t be fun as well. 

Word games for seniors  

You can spark your brain function in many ways. Learning a new skill, taking up a musical instrument or mastering a new language are a few examples. But can you also improve your brain when playing a game? Research is still being conducted but one thing is for sure – it can’t hurt. 

Googling “word games for seniors” will return a long list of results. Playing games are a popular way for older adults to spend their time and one of the most prevalent options today is tackling the word puzzle Wordle. 

This daily word game was created by a software engineer in Brooklyn for his partner who loves word challenges – and as something to do during Covid. Today, millions of people look forward to each daily opportunity and enjoy competing with others or themselves in trying to decrease the number of letters and words guessed in order to arrive at the correct answer. 

Ready for fun? Play Wordle 

If you haven’t already joined the ranks, you can access the Wordle link or download the app for your phone. The game is simple, but can still be frustrating, especially when watching your opportunities shrink from having six chances to none if you don’t know what the correct word is.  

And you’ll have to wait until the next day to try it again. Part of its appeal may be its limited availability as you only get access to a new word attempt every 24 hours. 

Is Wordle good for seniors’ brains? 

As we mentioned earlier, research continues on the effectiveness of playing brain games but early results point to possible improved function, memory recollection or delayed symptoms if developing dementia.  

It was once mistakenly believed that after a certain age your brain would begin to diminish and the ability to learn new skills would end or decline. However, one feature that is important for older adults to understand is that you are never too old to learn or develop new skills. 

Studies have also found that pursuits that require active learning score the highest for memory or improved cognitive capacity. It’s not clear yet how much of an impact a specific activity can play but research does support stimulating your brain. 

Benefits of Wordle for seniors  

When you take a look at a few of the benefits that playing games may produce, it’s worth giving Wordle or another game a try: 

  • Improved reaction times 
  • Strengthening decision-making skills 
  • Improving mood and sense of satisfaction 
  • Increasing sense of happiness and enjoyment 
  • May decrease risk of developing dementia or delay its symptoms 
  • May improve physical health 

How to play Wordle 

The game itself is simple and fun. Talk to family and friends and you may be surprised at how many are already drawn to the game. If you’re active on Facebook, you’ll also see happy posts from those who solved the day’s word in two or three tries or relieved ones from players who got it on the sixth and final guess. 

Wordle is a challenging but easy game to learn. Take a look at these simple instructions if you’re ready to play. Give it a few tries and you’ll be off and running.   

  1. You have 6 tries to guess the randomly selected five-letter word each day.  
  2. Choosing your first word can greatly influence your results. ADIEU is a popular one, STARE is another. Some people use the same first word every day while others like to change their guess.  
  3. Each word guess tries to reveal any correct vowels and consonants present in the daily word.  
  4. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show if you chose a correct letter and its position. Whether the letters in your word are in the daily word and in the right location will be apparent by the color of the tiles. A green tile means you guessed the right letter and its position in the day’s word. 
  5. Each attempt will guide you as certain letters will also be eliminated. However, don’t forget that a correct letter, even if in the right position, can be used more than once.  

What seniors love about Wordle 

  • The simplicity of the game is appealing yet it challenges your brain to shuffle through the many possibilities of any word.  
  • You can only play one game per day. This sense of urgency may leave you wanting more and ensures you won’t easily get bored with the game. 
  • It’s free to play. And there are no annoying ads or banners popping up on the screen.  
  • Since you only have six guesses per game, it doesn’t require a large commitment of time on your part. 

Assisted Living at Seaside Hallandale Beach 

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about senior living and invite your family to see how our community can encourage and promote a higher quality of life. 

We invite you to visit Seaside Hallandale Beach, which is designed to provide activities and social opportunities to help our residents in reaching their wellness goals. 

Supporting our residents to age well, we believe you or your parents will enjoy the services and amenities available in our pet-friendly community: 

A monthly social calendar of activities 

Beautiful common spaces to socialize 

Weekly housekeeping 

A spacious courtyard 

An outdoor pool with a covered patio 

Personalized fitness and wellness programs 

Scheduled transportation 

Easy and safe access to the beach 

If you have any questions about Seaside Hallandale Beach Senior Living, please contact us at 954-607-1000 or download our brochure. 


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